Chemical Production Engineer/Management Trainee

Company Name:
Tedia Company
Primary Responsibilities
The chemical production engineer / management trainee will utilize their technical training as a basis for contributing to the ongoing improvement and development of chemical processes. While completing assignments, the trainee will develop floor supervisory and management skills. As the trainee progresses, they will demonstrate an understanding of the high purity solvents business and production processes as well as leadership capabilities within a manufacturing environment.
Primary Responsibilities
Ability to understand the distillation parameters and interpretation of the output in Spec view
Ability to operate Honeywell 900 system
Perform material and energy balances (complete chemical process calculations as required)
Participate in scale-up activities for new processes including ability to specify equipment, operate equipment, complete experimental plans and evaluate results
Demonstrate ability to check specifications of materials produced for compliance with composition and packaging requirements
Apply/lead problem solving process to diagnose, treat and eliminate problems permanently as well as provide immediate containment while permanent solution is derived
Adhere to safety guidelines and practices; leadership is an important aspect of developing safety
Organize, plan, and prioritize work develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize and accomplish your work
Become proficient with interpretation of analytical results
Develop familiarity with all the Analytical instruments and demonstrate ability to perform analysis
Develop understanding and capability to operate reactors, pack columns, unload tankers, blend tanks and column processes
Collaborate with workers and managers to solve work-related problems
Develop basic supervisory skills
Education, Skills, and Experience
Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry
Strong leadership skills, independent thinking, strong organizational and planning abilities and excellent analytical and problem solving skills are essential
All applicants need to apply by sending their resume to

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